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Reface the Kitchen Cabinets in Your Wausau, WI, Home

Lower kitchen cabinets of center island in a light wooden finishOf all the various aspects of your kitchen, your cabinets will likely show their age the most. They can wind up stained, scratched, and disheveled, bringing down the whole appearance of your kitchen. This doesn’t mean that you have to rip them out and start from scratch though; Tundraland can reface your existing kitchen cabinets and make them look completely new. It’s no wonder why more homeowners in Wausau and across Wisconsin are turning to us for our cabinet refacing services.

Our Remarkable Refacing Services

Many times, the things bringing down your cabinets’ appearance are cosmetic. Because of this, Tundraland focuses on reworking the exterior of these kitchen fixtures while leaving everything else intact. We’ll completely remove your cabinet doors and drawer fronts and install new ones in the style and color or finish of your choice. Even the exposed parts of your cabinets will be covered by a matching real-wood veneer to complete the look.

Since we will be transforming your existing kitchen cabinets, our process is exceptionally efficient. Our timeline for cabinet refacing is typically about three days, although the size of your kitchen and number of cabinets will determine the exact length. However, you can have peace of mind knowing that your kitchen won’t be out of commission for weeks on end while our professionals reface your cabinets.

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