Tub-to-Shower Conversion Woodbury MN

Completing Gorgeous Tub-to-Shower Conversions for Woodbury, MN, Homeowners

A modern bathroom with white walls and a walk-in shower

Have you found that the bathtub part of your shower/bathtub combination has become less useful and more of an obstacle over the years? If so, Tundraland can help. We offer state-of-the-art tub-to-shower conversions for homeowners just like you in Woodbury, Minnesota. We can replace your clunky, dated bathtub with a sleek, barrier-free walk-in shower. Even better, we can often complete this job in as little as a day, which means your daily routine won’t be disrupted for long.

Our Tub Conversion Process

We begin the tub-to-shower conversion process by sitting down with you to go over exactly what you want for your new walk-in shower. We’ll discuss colors, textures, and styles as well as fixture options. You can also choose from accessories like grab bars, seating, built-in shelves, and more.

Once the design is finalized, we’ll get to work. At Tundraland, our team of tub-to-shower conversion experts are our very own employees—we’ll never send in subcontractors. And, thanks to our decades of experience, we can complete your tub-to-shower conversion with virtually no demolition, so the remainder of your bathroom won’t be harmed in the process.

When your new shower is done, you can enjoy a bathroom that feels brighter, larger, and more modern. Plus, if you or a family member has limited mobility, your walk-in shower will be so much more easily accessible.

Partner With Tundraland

Don’t trip over that high tub lip ever again—contact Tundraland today to learn more about our tub-to-shower conversion options for Woodbury homeowners. We’d be delighted to discuss the benefits of walk-in showers, go over your customization options, and provide a project quote at an in-home consultation.


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