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They came to our home worked all day and when they left our bathroom looked amazing! Thank you so much for everything.
The installation went seamlessly and the end result is beautiful!
The actual install of the windows from Artamus our installer was very professional and the windows seem to be high quality.
Adam S. and his crew did an awesome job installing our deck!!
Installers were gentlemen and very qualified. This job was a little more difficult, they compensated very well. Thx all around.
Beautiful options and professionals are available to walk you through the entire process.
Wonderful work. Our tub/shower looks better than I thought it ever could. Thanks!
on October 11th Chris and Brandon showed up at 7:30 am to install our new shower I cant say enough about how professional these 2 guys were but the job they did was great I would highly recommend having Trunderland to come and redo your bath they cleaned everything up when they finished took all the trash with them and did a fantastic job thank you so much Chris and Brandon we love the job you did.
We are super happy with the quality they put into our new composite deck. They went above and beyond to add a built-in bar to the deck.
We were greatly pleased with the professionalism the entire team that improved our living quality for many years to come.
James did a terrific job installing the shower and the sales person spent all the time I needed but I guess it felt odd that only the shower stall was offered especially when I mentioned vanity too.
It is shiny clean and beautifully fitted and seamed. Totally leakproof and easy to clean. A job very well done!
The tub/shower is a great improvement to the old leaky one they replaced. Have already passed on a recommendation.
He was very professional & very thorough. He did a fantastic job. He answered all questions we had. We would recommend him to everyone.
Very happy with the professionalism of the installer.
Paul Delveaux with Tundraland is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and amazing. He took the stress of our window situation away!
Tundraland is the best of the best in every aspect!
We were a bit disappointed that the permitting process took over two months in the small county where we live, but the deck was built beautifully and we're so happy.
Had Brandon put in my new tub and surround and it looks Awesome! I am extremely pleased with the results.
Outstanding job by the installation crew. Would have them again. Highly recommended.
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Fast efficient and pleasant to work with. the workmanship was outstanding and the installation process was quick and clean. no fuss, no mess.