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Installing Beautiful Walk-In Showers for Minneapolis, MN, Homeowners

Walk-in shower with a glass door in a gray bathroomIf you have a bathtub you never use that is taking up space in your bathroom, Tundraland can help by replacing it with a gorgeous and easily accessible walk-in shower. We are proud to offer expert shower replacements and tub-to-shower conversions for homeowners in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our friendly and experienced team can transform your bathroom into the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

Why Choose a Walk-In Shower?

Walk-in showers can dramatically open up your bathroom space, making it feel bigger and brighter. With a tub/shower combination, you not only have a bulky bathtub taking up a substantial amount of floor space, but you also likely have a shower curtain that visually closes off the space. Conversely, a walk-in shower features a more open and expansive look thanks to its ultra-low entry threshold and glass walls.

Additionally, walk-in showers are safer and more accessible than tub/shower combinations, You don’t have to step over the high barrier of the tub lip to enter or exit, which can be particularly perilous when the floor or tub is wet or for those with balance or mobility challenges. Instead, you can comfortably and safely walk right into your new shower. Plus, Tundraland can install additional safety and comfort features like grab bars, seating, and built-in shelves that help reduce the need to bend or reach down.

Experience the Jacuzzi Difference

As an authorized Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer, we bring you the finest in shower innovation and sophistication. Our Jacuzzi shower systems offer a wealth of customization options, allowing you to tailor your shower experience to your exact preferences.  You can even enhance your shower experience further with optional safety features like grab bars and built-in seats, ensuring both comfort and peace of mind. Plus, with our expert installation team, you can enjoy the luxury of a Jacuzzi shower in as little as one day. Elevate your daily routine with Tundraland’s Jacuzzi showers and experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

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To learn more about the walk-in showers we install for Minneapolis homeowners like you, contact Tundraland today. It would be our pleasure to set up a consultation at your home to share more details about our selection of Jacuzzi shower products.

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