Green Bay Walk-In Showers

Modernize Your Green Bay, WI Bathroom With a Walk-In Shower

Walk-In Showers Green Bay, WILooking for a convenient bathroom upgrade that will create the illusion of a larger space? Welcome to the world of walk-in showers. This magical upgrade will not only open up your bathroom by removing shower or tub barriers but will also streamline the space thanks to its modern design. For residents of Green Bay, WI, the home improvement magicians at Tundraland can perform this remodel efficiently—using top-quality products that have time and again proven to provide the best in style, durability, and functionality.

Singing in the Shower Has Never Been Easier

Are walk-in showers different than traditional showers? Yes! While they may seem to provide the same barrier-free advantages, walk-in showers offer the additional benefit of a low-entry, or nonexistent, threshold. This seamless transition does away with the tricky ledge that always seems to catch your toes off guard. Other advantages of a walk-in shower include:

  • Low-maintenance construction – Walk-in showers are free of ridges and a deep shower pan, making them easier to clean.
  • Nonslip surfaces – To help you grip the floor of your wet shower, our systems are designed with non-slip surfaces that can reduce the risk of slips.
  • Safety accessories – For even more safety precautions, you’ll have the option to rig your shower with additional safety options like seating and grab bars.
  • Customizable shower surrounds – Your walk-in shower can be customized with a variety of shower surrounds, each featuring a color, pattern, and texture that works for your aesthetic preferences.

To learn more about the benefits of our walk-in showers for your home in Green Bay, WI, contact the pros at Tundraland today!


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Turned out beautiful! Very impressed with how hard the guys worked. They had excellent workmanship and attention to detail. A++ thank you!
- Rita K.