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Modernize Your DeForest, WI, Bathroom With a Walk-In Shower

Walk-In Showers DeForest, WIBathroom trends come and go. For the past decade, however, walk-in shower systems have dominated bathroom design concepts. Styled to improve shower accessibility and appeal, these spacious units are helping homeowners get the most out of their cramped bathrooms. And residents of DeForest, Wisconsin, can turn to the bathroom specialists at Tundraland for some of the best walk-in shower systems! 

There are many benefits to installing a walk-in shower. Haven’t explored them for yourself? Here’s a peek at some of our favorite walk-in shower perks:

Contemporary Appeal

The sleek design of Tundraland walk-in showers makes them a perfect complement to contemporary or modern bathroom designs. Because they are void of elaborate decorations and curved tub edges, walk-in showers can also create the illusion of a larger space. 

Improved Independence

We’ve all been victims of shin bruises. The perpetrator? Bathtub walls. Not only are these walls difficult to navigate, but they can also be dangerous for homeowners with mobility restraints. Walk-in showers are crafted with seamless entries that are much easier to access and can be additionally equipped with safety accessories for improved independence in the bathroom. 

Customized for You

Tundraland’s walk-in showers can be customized with low-maintenance wall surrounds that mimic tiles. You’ll also enjoy choosing from an array of decorative and functional accessories: built-in shelving, in-shower seating, grab bars, etc. 

Ready to hop on the walk-in shower trend? Contact Tundraland today to learn all about our DeForest, WI, bathroom remodeling services, which include walk-in shower installations.

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