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Are You Wondering If a Walk-In Shower Is Right for Your Chanhassen, MN, Home?

Picture of a beautifully renovated bathroomDo you get a fresh bruise every time you shower because you bang your shin on the tub wall? Do you want to invest in a system that is easier to navigate? The walk-in showers from Tundraland are the ideal way to upgrade your bathroom and make it even more enjoyable and relaxing. You can pick from a range of features, finishes, and accessories, and our talented team will work closely with you to create a unique shower for your Chanhassen, Minnesota, home that is tailored to your needs.

Our Incredible Walk-In Showers

Walk-in showers, also called stand-up showers, certainly add a touch of luxury to any bathroom—especially the Jacuzzi systems installed by Tundraland. This industry-leading manufacturer crafts showers that offer a sleek, contemporary look as well as a spacious feel. Plus, they’re constructed from durable and low-maintenance acrylic so that you don’t have to worry about stains, dents, or cracks. These bathing fixtures are also quite functional, thanks to their ultra-low entry thresholds and optional features such as built-in shelves, bench seats, and grab bars.

Once our team has helped you hand-pick each component of your shower, Tundraland’s skilled technicians will expertly install it in your bathroom. We’re such masters of our craft that we can typically complete the remodel in as little as one day.

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Tundraland is ready to transform a bathroom in your Chanhassen, MN, home with a walk-in shower from Jacuzzi. Start the process by contacting us today!

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Turned out beautiful! Very impressed with how hard the guys worked. They had excellent workmanship and attention to detail. A++ thank you!
- Rita K.