Winter Deck Maintenance Tips

Winter Deck Maintenance If you’re like most Wisconsin homeowners, you spend the harsh winter months looking forward to a spring and summer full of time spent outdoors. If you have a decking system at your home, you may already be planning barbecues and outdoor gatherings with family and friends months in advance. But the important thing to keep in mind is that your deck will be in no shape for your spring and summer parties if it’s not properly cared for during the colder months. That’s why our team at Tundraland has plenty of winter deck maintenance tips to share with you:

Clear Your Deck

When the winter months come around, it’s important to clear your deck of furniture, pots, plants, and just about everything, really. Why? Because moisture can get trapped underneath these pieces, resulting in mold and mildew growth on patches of your deck. 

Be Conscious of Your Shoveling & Sweeping Methods

When snow piles up on your deck, it’s important that you’re smart about how you get rid of it. Whether you’re shoveling or sweeping it away, make sure you’re going with the grain. Going against it can damage the surface of your deck, while going the same direction as the grain can protect it and allow it to last longer.

Avoid the Use of Salt

You’ve probably heard that salt can help melt ice. While it can, using it on your deck is a bad idea. It can impact your deck in a negative way, creating the perfect conditions for decay over time. Instead of spreading rock salt to melt ice on your deck, consider using other natural ice-melting products.

Don’t Be Afraid to Lay a Tarp Over Your Deck

One of the easier ways to protect your deck during the harsh Wisconsin winter is to cover it with a tarp. Doing so can prevent warping and keep moisture out of the cracks.

The best way to keep your deck protected is to invest in a composite structure. If you’re looking to add one to your Wisconsin home, Tundraland is the team to call. Contact our team today for more information about winter deck maintenance and the composite decks we install.

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