Window Security Tips: Keeping Your Home Safe

Window Security Tips: Keeping Your Home Safe Windows are part of your home’s unique style and functional flow, providing natural light, fresh air and hopefully a beautiful Wisconsin view. Unfortunately, windows can also be an entry point for intruders into your home. Unlike doors, windows are routinely left open, providing easy accessibility from the outside.

Depending on where you live, the importance of window security varies. For some of our customers, it’s a necessary safeguard for protecting the home from criminals. For others, especially those in northeastern Wisconsin and Door County, it’s simply a barrier for keeping out curious wildlife. No matter your situation, implementing these security tips is the first step towards a safer home.

  • Install window locks. Locks are a common and effective safety function that come in a variety of different forms. Lag screws, swivel locks, sliding locks, standard latches and folding latches are just a few examples.
  • Mount security screens. Screens serve as a discrete, external barrier with several advantages. Created with woven mesh from strong materials such as stainless steel, these screens are made to withstand powerful impacts as well as weapons like knives.
  • Apply security films. Aside from being energy-efficient, the primary purpose of security films is to keep your glass together when struck by force.
  • Install exterior bars or gates. According to House Logic, bars or gates are an incredibly effective safety feature and are best for those who live in areas with a high burglary rate. These will however significantly affect the appearance of your home or business, something to keep in mind before installing.
  • Utilize window sticks, dowels, or frame pins. One of the easiest ways to add security is using some form of stopper to prevent your windows from being opened beyond a certain distance. While this strategy won’t work for every style, many newer replacement windows have built-in security features.
  • Include windows in your central home security system. Upgrading your security system to include all windows in the home can be a worthwhile investment, requiring minimal effort from the homeowner when installed by a professional.
  • Never leave your home with open windows. It may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping them closed and locked while away from home is incredibly important. Even a cracked one that appears closed is a blaring target for potential intruders.

Knowing your home is safe allows you to leave your worries behind and focus on your daily adventures. If old windows are preventing you from the security updates your family needs, the Tundraland team can help with safe and affordable replacement windows. Learn more about styles, the benefits and the installation process from Tundraland, then contact us to schedule your free consultation.

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