Why You Shouldn’t DIY a Cabinet Refacing Project

Why You Shouldn't DIY a Cabinet Refacing ProjectNo matter how crafty you are, some DIY home improvement projects are better left to the professionals. This includes cabinet refacing. While the gist of refacing your cabinet doors and drawer fronts may seem pretty self-explanatory, it can quickly evolve into a complicated project—especially if the condition of your current cabinetry is significantly damaged. Here are a few common DIY cabinet refacing complaints that you can avoid by turning to a professional:

Extended Projects Deadlines

You’re a busy homeowner; DIY projects need to be kept reasonable. Many homeowners who attempt refacing their cabinets themselves run into a lot of timeline issues. The last thing you want is to make your kitchen unusable for weeks and weeks on end as you slowly perfect each cabinet door and drawer front. With a professional, like Tundraland, you can cut this time in half. In fact, we can complete most cabinet refacing projects in as little as three days.

Imperfections & Extensive Damage

You may not realize how damaged your existing kitchen cabinets are until you start a refacing project. Some of these damages can be too significant for a DIYer to address on their own, making the need for a professional’s assistance absolute. If you know that your kitchen cabinets are very outdated, hiring a contractor can help you avoid the hidden surprises. 

Tundraland specializes in kitchen cabinet refacing projects and can help homeowners throughout Wisconsin transform their kitchens with top-notch cabinet doors and drawer fronts. Contact us today to learn more.

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