When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

We know that no homeowner wants to deal with a window replacement, but sometimes it truly is the right course of action. However, other than in cases where the replacement job seems obvious—such as a broken window—how can you know that your windows need to be replaced? Luckily, you don’t need to be a trained window expert to figure out it’s time for a window replacement. The signs are usually always there.

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If you want to check out your windows yourself first, here are our top five indicators that they might need replacement.

  • Drafts: Have you started noticing a chill by the windows, or do you find some parts of your home heat up more than others? Windows that are too old or damaged start to leak, letting heat escape from your home. Sometimes, a leaky window can even let in the wind—the last thing you want on a cold winter night!
  • Age: Depending on the quality of your current windows, they have a lifespan of 10-20 years, on average. Exceptionally high-quality and well-maintained windows can last longer, but you have to be honest with yourself about those questions. If you’ve got an older model of windows, or you rarely perform maintenance on them, they might need replacement after 10 years.
  • Warping: Are you having trouble opening your windows, or has it started to feel unusually heavy? Over time, the window frame or glass can warp, changing the shape and leading to losses in functionality and efficiency.
  • Energy Bills: Have you noticed your heating bills going up over time? Window degradation means that more energy is necessary to heat or cool the same space. But even if your windows haven’t lost any functionality, you might stand to save money on your energy bills simply because window technology has improved so much over the past couple of decades.
  • Aesthetics: The look and feel of your home depends on its windows to a surprising degree. You could have a fully renovated, beautiful house—but if the windows look dingy, your home won’t be able to escape that look. Faded colors, warping material, or a mismatched window type can all decrease your home’s curb appeal. And from the inside, you want to make sure your windows let in enough light and air to make your home life comfortable!

Whatever your reason might be, don’t get discouraged by any perceived hassle. Tundraland specializes in home improvements that are easy on your time and budget—allowing you to get beautiful, efficient new windows without having to deal with a lengthy renovation. Not sure whether you need replacement windows? It’s easy to find out—we can send one of our window experts to your home to for a FREE evaluation and cost estimate. Or, call (844) 329-5230 to get started today!


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