What is the Best Maintenance-Free Decking Material?

What is the Best Maintenance-Free Decking Material?Raise your hand if you have a deck. Keep your hands up if that deck is never, ever, ever used because it’s too hard to maintain. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; there are a lot of virtual hands still in the air. The obvious solution to these maintenance troubles is to find a low-maintenance decking material that:

  1. Still looks like an authentic wooden deck
  2. Is engineered for easy cleaning

And, shockingly enough, there is a decking material that checks all of these boxes—even the ones reserved for withstanding Wisconsin’s brutal winters. What is it? Composite decking!

Composite Decking

Composite decking is unique for many reasons, but our favorite is that it offers outstanding structural integrity without looking or feeling like a knockoff. This material, in and of itself, is:

  • Low-maintenance – While wood will rot if not maintained seasonally, composites continue to provide reliable protection.
  • Moisture resistant – This material resists mold, mildew, and moisture damage, all popular decking troubles caused by Wisconsin’s ever-changing climate.
  • Unmatched in color retention – Come rain or shine, you can rest assured your deck will continue to look like new thanks to color retention seals.

The Best Low-Maintenance Decking is at Tundraland

Tundraland composite decking is a cut above the rest because it is American-made right here in Wisconsin! Cutting out the middleman ensures that each and every deck construction is completed with absolute precision, providing you with a finished product that can withstand the local climate and offer years of no-hassle enjoyment. Our decks are even backed by a 25-year limited warranty that covers splintering, splitting, rot, mildew, and more. Purchasing your deck from Tundraland provides the peace of mind that your deck should remain intact and beautiful.

Contact Tundraland today to learn more about the advantages of installing our composite decks.


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