What is a Walk-In Tub?

 What is a Walk-In Tub?Imagine the feeling of warm water soothing your sore muscles and the youthful memories associated with settling into a bubble-filled tub. These reasons and more are proof that there is nothing more therapeutic than soaking in a bathtub at the end of a long day. For some, however, the task of finding a safer, easier-to-access bathtub can become a challenge. The solution: walk-in tubs. These innovative bathtub alternatives are the ideal option for anyone looking for a product that offers the same relaxing benefits of traditional tubs with the added security of having a product that you know is designed to provide enhanced safety benefits. Stick around as we delve deeper into the advantages of investing in a walk-in tub for your home.

Designed With Your Comfort & Safety in Mind

So what exactly is a walk-in tub? Walk-in tubs feature unique components that are engineered to cater to your mobility needs. These bathtubs typically feature a watertight door and a low-entry threshold, allowing for easier, safer access into and out of the bathtub. This innovative design can help you enjoy the soothing benefits of taking a long soak without the added stress of stepping over a high tub ledge. Best of all, there are many walk-in tub models on the market, each constructed to meet the unique needs of almost any customer and housing situation. All you need to do is find a reliable home improvement specialist who can help you decide on the best fit for your needs.

Tundraland: The Experts That Locals Trust

For Wisconsin homeowners, Tundraland has remained the home improvement expert trusted to perform a wide range of bathroom upgrades. Our walk-in tubs are no exception. Equipped with therapeutic components and a plethora of enhanced safety features, our walk-in tubs can give you the spa-like bathing experience that you’ve been dreaming of.  What’s more, you won’t have to wait long to experience the comfort and peace of mind that a new walk-in tub can provide. At Tundraland, we can install your new walk-in tub as soon as tomorrow.

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