Wet Area vs. Full Bathroom Remodel

Wet Area vs. Full Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is a constant in your morning and evening routines. After all, if you’re like most homeowners, you’re typically going to wake up and begin your day by washing your face, brushing your teeth, and potentially taking a shower. Then, at the end of a long day, you’re bound to settle in for a relaxing soak in your bathtub or at the very least, wash your face and brush your teeth again before calling it a night. Considering how important this space is to your day-to-day life, then, it should be a space that properly suits your aesthetic preferences and overall lifestyle.

If you find that your bathroom is not living up to your needs—aesthetically or functionally—stop settling and start investigating your bathroom remodeling options! It’s easy to get caught up in choices, especially if you are working with a strict budget. That’s why, in this article, Tundraland can help you navigate the differences between focusing on only wet-area upgrades and tackling a full bathroom remodel. Here’s what you need to know:

What Does a Wet-Area Bathroom Remodel Entail?

A wet-area bathroom remodel focuses on only the bathtub/shower within the space. Electing for this type of upgrade leaves some of the other aspects of the room untouched and leaves room for you to make your own minor cosmetic changes as you see fit. But why is one of these remodels potentially the right choice for you?

As the most-used features in the room, your bathtub and/or shower carry a lot of importance. Why? Because your bathing fixtures take up a hefty portion of the space and feature contemporary designs that can transform your bathroom’s outdated appearance. In other words, updating your bathing area can have wide-ranging effects on the rest of the bathroom as a whole. That’s what makes wet-area bathroom remodels great for homeowners who are working with a budget, as these types of projects are more affordable—yet they still make a significant impact on both the aesthetic and functionality of your entire bathroom.

Why Might You Opt for a Full Bathroom Remodel?

In some cases, you may consider completing a full bathroom remodel. These types of projects are more all-encompassing. In addition to replacing your tub or shower, you’ll also update virtually every other aspect of your bathroom—including the floors, cabinets, vanity, lighting, and other cosmetic details. You may choose this complete upgrade if all of your fixtures are outdated, your tastes have drastically changed, or if you’re planning to sell your home. By having a full bathroom remodel done, you can transform the entire space, making it seem like a completely different room.

Understandably, a full bathroom remodel is going to be pricier than a wet-area upgrade. Because it involves a lot more work and more elements, you’ll see it have a bigger impact on your bank account. Not only that, but these projects can take much longer and leave you without access to your bathroom space for more time than an easy, in-and-out upgrade will.

Is a Wet-Area Upgrade or a Full Bathroom Remodel Better for Your Home?

So, how can you decide whether a wet-area upgrade or a full bathroom remodel is the right choice for you? Well, the state of your bathroom is one of the big deciding factors to consider. If your bathroom is largely where you want it to be visually and functionally, but you think a wet-area upgrade is what can get it over the finish line and have you feeling fully happy with everything, you have your answer. On the other hand, if your bathroom is a mess and you think you need a fully fresh start, a full-scale remodel is probably a better option.

Beyond that, you’ll also need to consider any budget and time constraints. If you need to stay within a certain budget and you don’t need the entire room redone, a wet-area upgrade is the right choice in most cases. Remember, this is a simpler, more cost-effective project and it can make a big impact on your whole bathroom. Because your new bathtub or shower will serve as the visual centerpiece of the room, you’ll often be able to get away with investing in a wet-area upgrade and then making your own cosmetic changes through some fun and fulfilling DIY projects.

Why Might You Opt for a Full Bathroom Remodel?

Are you going back and forth between which type of bathroom remodel to complete at your own home? As an experienced bathroom remodeling company, Tundraland and our knowledgeable design consultants can help you reach a decision. Once you’ve reached that decision and decided that you’d prefer a wet-area upgrade at your home, we’ll be right here to help. Through our phenomenal workmanship and the fact that we source our bathtubs and showers from industry-leading manufacturer Jacuzzi Bath Remodel, we know you’ll be thrilled with the results of your project. Contact Tundraland today to speak with a representative and get started on the path toward your dream bathroom.

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