Updating 1960s Kitchen Cabinets With Cabinet Refacing

Close-up of newly refaced kitchen cabinets with a light finishDo you find yourself unhappy with your kitchen’s visual appeal? Perhaps it’s simply not modern enough for you, but you can’t find the motivation, time, or money to invest in a full-scale remodel. What if we told you there’s a simpler, more cost-effective solution that will completely transform the beauty of your kitchen? When you update your 1960s kitchen cabinets with a cabinet refacing project, you’ll see a significant change in the beauty of your kitchen as a whole. Given the amount of wall space your cabinets occupy, giving them a facelift can have an aesthetic impact on the entire room, providing the refresh you wanted for a fraction of the cost you would be faced with when investing in a full remodel.

How Does Cabinet Refacing Work?

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a cost-effective process that serves as an outstanding alternative to a full cabinet replacement. Instead of fully gutting your kitchen’s cabinets, you can invest in a refacing project that will keep them structurally intact while their exteriors receive a facelift. That means having new doors, drawers, and hardware installed on your cabinet boxes to provide a beautifully updated look for your kitchen space as a whole. This type of project makes incredible sense financially, but also logically if your 1960s kitchen cabinets are still in good shape and only outdated in terms of visual appeal.

What’s especially beneficial about cabinet refacing is that you’ll get to choose from a variety of colors and finishes for your new doors and drawers, which will help you reset the tone of your kitchen’s aesthetic. That way, if you’re interested in making further renovations in the future, you have a new look to design the room around.

Trust the Experts With Your Cabinet Refacing Project

If you’ve grown frustrated with the state of your kitchen and you’re thinking about updating your 1960s kitchen cabinets with a cabinet refacing project, there’s no better team to partner with than Tundraland. Contact us today to learn about the work we can do in your Wisconsin home.

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