Turn Your Deck Into an Outdoor Work-From-Home Getaway

Turn Your Deck Into an Outdoor Work From Home Getaway

With technology having such a dominant function in business today, many people have been lucky enough to transition to working fully remote while social distancing. However, having your entire family home at the same time can also make it difficult to separate work life from home life, causing some unnecessary stress and tension. If your home office space is now doubling as the kids’ playroom, you can seek solace in a spot that isn’t underneath your roof: your deck. Here’s how you can turn your deck into an outdoor work-from-home getaway:

Create the Perfect Setup

How are you planning to use your deck—or working, or escaping? If you’re going to work, you may already have a table and chairs on your deck. If not, you can either order an affordable set online or snag an old table from inside that isn’t being used. Since you’re most likely working on a laptop or tablet, the sun may make it difficult to see your screen, so an umbrella or similar overhead protection system can prevent this from happening.

Alternatively, if you want to use your deck to escape, some Adirondack chairs or loungers would be the perfect way to unwind while simultaneously sprucing up the decor of your outdoor living area.

Establish ‘Rules’ With Your Family

It can already be hard for younger kids to understand why they’re home instead of in school, and also why mommy or daddy can’t play with them all day long. Try your best to have your kids understand that when you’re outside working, it’s important not to interrupt. At certain intervals of the day, try to still schedule some playtime to help with the at-home transition; this can be as simple as doing something productive with them like drawing a picture or having a catch. If your spouse is home as well, the two of you could try to coordinate your schedules so that the kids are always being taken care of and entertained.

At Tundraland, we understand how difficult it can be to navigate these confusing times. We’re not just a home remodeling company; we’re active members of the community and are here to help you in any way we can. If that means you need us to build a deck at your home just so you have a place to escape, we’ll do just that. We’re even scheduling online consultations now, which you can learn about here.

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