Top Trends for Bathroom Remodeling in 2018

The summer season has arrived, and with it comes the opportunity to jump head-first into your long-planned home remodeling projects! While working on improving your outdoor living space is great during the sunny summer months, that doesn’t mean that now isn’t also the perfect time to escape the heat and move forward with  your interior renovation—especially bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Trends for a Stylish, Functional Bathroom Remodel

As one of the most used rooms of the home, your bathroom needs to be both functional and luxurious, and that often takes a remodel to give it the facelift that it deserves. While classic neutral tones and streamlined accents can all create a beautiful bathing space, the market is gearing-up with new and upcoming trends that are making a statement in the bathroom remodeling world.

At Tundraland, we know how to think outside-the-box to deliver customized remodels that bring our customers’ visions to life, and a few of our favorite bathroom renovation trends in 2018 include:

·  Scaled-Down Sizing

Large, open-layout bathrooms used to be the top goal of homeowners, but that isn’t always feasible with the existing layout of the interior. If you can’t realize your dream of a huge master bath suite, you’re still in luck! Trends are leaning towards scaling down the size of the bathroom in lieu of adding modern, luxury touches to the space, giving you a relaxing bathing retreat in a cozy, intimate setting.

·  High-Tech Bath Features

It’s no surprise that technology is making its presence known in home remodeling, and the bathroom is no exception. Whether efficiency or style is your top concern, there are high-tech upgrades out there for any need. From automatic, seat-warming toilets to wireless music players and vanity mirror-television combos, the sky is the limit with blending your taste for technology with your upcoming bath remodel.

·  Classic, Timeless Accents

It wasn’t too long ago that vintage, shiny brass fixtures in the bathroom were replaced by sleek chrome and brushed nickel accents, but these classic features are making a comeback. Warm gold tones and brass are surging again in popularity for bathroom remodels where an inviting, luxurious aesthetic is the goal. As an added bonus, these fixtures can also hide water spots and fingerprints—giving you one less thing to clean!

Combine the Best in Trendy Style and Expert Bathroom Remodeling

The current bathroom remodeling trends open-up a whole new world of possibility for designing your ideal bath space, but you can’t make it happen without the help of a professional bath remodeler. That’s where the pros at Tundraland come in, and as a trusted Wisconsin-based business with a stellar reputation, we offer comprehensive bathroom renovation services to enhance your home and incorporate all of the trendy features that you envision.

In fact, our experienced, certified crews can help you create your dream bathroom with:

·  Customized shower replacements

·  High-quality replacement tubs

·  Walk-in baths and showers

·  Cost-effective bathtub liners

·  Tub-to-shower conversions

and much more!

Are you ready to take the first step in planning your trendy bathroom remodel? There has never been a better time than this summer to contact the experts at Tundraland and discuss your ideas with one of our friendly bath specialists! Give us a call or fill out our online form, and we’ll get you started with a free estimate and consultation.

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