Top 7 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Bathroom vanity and walk-in shower with tiled wallsOne of the first things someone does when beginning a bathroom remodeling project is to research all of the right steps to take—but what may be just as important is knowing what not to do. Learning from others’ mistakes can ensure that you complete the best possible remodel for your bathroom and don’t have regrets or run into major issues down the road. Just keep in mind that your home is unique to you, so you should ultimately make decisions that are best for your lifestyle and preferences. With that said, here are some of the top bathroom remodeling mistakes that you may want to avoid as you embark on your project: 

1. Not Enough Storage

Take a second to think about everything that you keep in the bathroom—wouldn’t it be nice to have a designated spot to store it all? Consider your smaller bathroom items like supplements and prescriptions, which may require a medicine cabinet, as well as larger items like towels and hair styling products. And if you’re a person who likes to have a backfill of supplies like toilet paper, you certainly want to incorporate ample storage in your remodeling plans. 

2. Poor Lighting

The bathroom is a space where you get clean and ready for the day. This can be hard to do in a dimly lit space, so you shouldn’t overlook the lighting. Be sure to incorporate enough fixtures, as well as the right kind of fixtures. Many people opt to install a light over the wet area so that it is brighter and more visible. 

3. Getting Wet in Order to Turn the Shower On

If you’re updating your shower to have sliding glass doors, don’t put the fixed door on the same side as the controls. If you do, you’ll end up getting wet each time you turn the shower on, which can be unpleasant since the water is typically cold at first. Plan your shower door and controls accordingly to avoid this. 

4. Forgetting Proper Ventilation

It’s no surprise that bathrooms have high humidity, especially if you’re someone who loves to take long, hot showers. Because of this, it’s crucial to have proper ventilation incorporated—usually in the form of a fan. Don’t just pick the first fan that you find, though; be sure to install one that is appropriately sized to handle the amount of humidity. 

5. An Unrealistic Budget

Don’t get swept up in the excitement of your bathroom remodel and set an unrealistic budget. Stick to an amount that you know is doable, and maybe even consider setting a lower budget to account for unexpected costs that may pop up throughout the process. 

6. Improper Spacing

Bathrooms are already some of the smallest rooms in the house, so navigating the space and planning a remodel can be a struggle. Don’t focus exclusively on looks and forget function; be certain that the placement of fixtures and furnishings allows for comfortable everyday use.

7. Partnering With the Wrong Company

If you hire a bathroom remodeling company for the project, be sure you’re picking the right one for the job. Do plenty of research to ensure that they’re experienced, reputable, licensed, and offer the exact services that you’re looking for.

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