Tips to Make Your Home More ‘Low Maintenance’

Tips for a Low-Maintenance Home

Procrastination: We’ve all been there. When it comes to maintaining your home though, putting off your responsibilities isn’t ideal. Whether you’re on the brink of retirement (congrats!) and planning to age in place peacefully, or are a new parent that’s juggling life’s challenges with little to no sleep, the benefits of creating a low-maintenance home can help you create a safer and more welcoming environment.

If you’re ready to reduce the maintenance load at your home, stay tuned! In this article we’ll help you downsize your to-dos, so you can get back to enjoying your weekends — lazy Sundays and all.

1.     Keep Calm & Declutter

As someone wise once said, “Your home is a living space, not a storage space.” And, while simple living doesn’t happen overnight, there are ways you can slowly but surely declutter your home and create a low-maintenance space. The easiest way to do this is by creating weekly cleaning challenges that focus on one area of your home, or room, at a time. While you “spring clean,” follow this rule of thumb: Wear it out, make it do, or do without. This will help you condense your knick-knacks — both in storage and on display — thereby, minimizing the number of things you have to dust and organize around your home.

Tip: Get involved in community garage sales! This event can give you the jumpstart you need to start decluttering your home.

2.     Channel Your Inner “21st Century Man”

Smart homes are taking over neighborhoods across the nation; from robot vacuums to voice-activated control systems, you can’t escape it. While this revolution may seem overwhelming and altogether confusing, it’s actually an extremely beneficial way to create a low-maintenance home. This doesn’t mean you need to gut your home and fill it with fancy gadgets that Lord only knows how to work. You can, however, simply start by implementing:

  • LED lights
  • Remote-operated window treatments
  • Self-cleaning products

All of these can ease tasks, such as closing blinds and vacuuming, as well as reduce annual home maintenance responsibilities, like changing lightbulbs, that never quite seem to make the cut for your to-do list.

3.     Favor Minimalist Designs

Less is the new more, and that includes your home’s interior décor. This new approach to interior design centers around following a minimalistic lifestyle, where fewer accessories and simplified design elements reign supreme. Choose:

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces, like tile and wood floors or countertops with fewer joints and ridges
  • Patterned upholstery or medium-toned colors that hide dirt
  • Larger statement pieces, as opposed to small accessories, that are easier to dust and manage

Fun Fact: Minimalist designs tend to favor contemporary décor schemes. These interior designs are geared to create an inviting and open living space, using accent colors as a way to highlight your individual personality and accessorize rooms. Contemporary designs are also timeless, meaning you’ll spend less time and money on keeping up with trendy renovations.

4.     Choose Lasting, Low-Maintenance Home Improvements

As far as making your home low maintenance is concerned, this is one of the most important steps. Over the years, your home will undoubtfully require upgrades. When this happens, make sure you choose durable home improvement products. These cost-effective options can be on the expensive side, but they offer priceless advantages — including long-lasting, low-maintenance performance. Some of these high-quality home improvements include:

  • Acrylic bathtub and shower systems that resist mold and mildew growth, for an easy clean you’ll appreciate
  • Nonporous bathroom and kitchen countertops, like quartz and stainless steel, that resist stains

Tip: Don’t forget about your home’s landscape! To cut your outdoor maintenance responsibilities, opt for small gardens and plant life that requires little to no upkeep.

Many of these tips for making your home more maintenance free can be completed as DIY projects. However, if you’re ready to take on a bigger home improvement project, turn to the pros at Tundraland. We source durable, low-maintenance home products that are engineered to offer years of high-performance functionality. In the meantime, get decluttering!

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