The Benefits of Replacing Windows in Historic Homes

Benefits of Replacing Windows in Historic HomesIf you live in an older, historic home, maintaining and preserving your home’s original windows or updating to more economically-friendly replacement windows may be on your mind, especially as the season’s change and temperatures drop this fall. While there are certainly challenges involved in any replacement process, Tundraland replacement windows offer a variety of benefits that can mean significant improvements to your home, while maintaining its historic charm and character. Our experience in the home improvement industry and our wide service area has taken us to some beautiful homes throughout the state. From classical revivals from the early 1900’s to historic Victorians that date back to the 1800’s, Wisconsin has a rich architectural history and we’ve worked with homeowners throughout the state to restore and repair their homes.


Mimicking your historic home’s style with your new replacement windows is often the most challenging aspect of the replacement process. Older homes tend to have windows in a variety of irregular shapes and sizes that don’t match modern standards.

Although matching the correct dimensions and vintage look can be daunting, there are advanced customization techniques that allow you to copy the home’s exterior and interior styles. Working with an experienced replacement windows expert is important to ensure the perfect look and fit.


There are many benefits you can enjoy when you invest in replacement windows for your historic Wisconsin home and we’d love to talk to you about how Tundraland can improve your home with quality, custom replacement windows.

Energy Efficiency
Replacing old, outdated windows in your historic home will almost always increase your home’s energy efficiency. Newer windows are made of long-lasting materials created to withstand the elements and provide a tight seal. The double pane style includes two panes that act as a reinforcement against leaks and unwanted heat transference. By replacing the windows on your historic home, you’ll save money on heating bills this winter and continue to notice the benefits next summer when it’s time to cool things down again.
With replacement windows providing a tighter seal, your home won’t be subject to the uncomfortable drafts, leaks and increased dust collection that is common in older homes. This allows you to enjoy your home without sacrificing comfort for authenticity. In addition, newer windows are typically much easier to clean and maintain.
Aside from comfort and aesthetics, newer windows are equipped with many security features that older styles simply do not have. These are some of the options available to homeowners:

  • Flip, sash and keyed locks
  • Security screens
  • Security films
  • Connection to a home security system

Added Value
Properly fitted windows that replicate your home’s historic style can add tremendous resale value. Potential buyers looking for both convenience and authenticity will find both through the replacement process. In addition, installing Energy Star certified windows to your historic home can result in potentially significant tax benefits. How energy efficient the replacements are will determine what kinds of tax credits you can receive.

If you’re considering new windows for your historic Wisconsin home, contact the window replacement experts at Tundraland to learn more about how we can serve you.

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