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Can Composite Decking Be Painted?

Posted on Apr 01, 2021
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It’s understandable that as a homeowner, you occasionally want to change things inside and outside of your house. A more unique trend that some people choose to participate in is painting their deck. While this makes sense for wood decks, you may be wondering if your composite deck can be painted.  Composite decks technically can be painted if you go…

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3 Backyard Design Trends for 2021

Posted on Mar 30, 2021
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Goodbye, seasonal depression—the sun is back, and it’s here to stay! If 2020 has taught us to appreciate anything, it’s time spent outdoors and time spent with family. This life lesson has not only been carried in our hearts but has also translated into many 2021 design trends! In this article, we’re taking a closer look at these designs, highlighting…

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When is the Best Time of Year to Buy/Install a Deck?

Posted on Mar 03, 2021
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Most, if not all, homeowners believe that summer is the best time to invest in a deck. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s an assumption that makes a lot sense, since warmer weather is deck weather. However, it’s for this very same reason that summer is not the best time of year to buy a deck. To avoid the high…

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What is the Best Maintenance-Free Decking Material?

Posted on Nov 03, 2020
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Raise your hand if you have a deck. Keep your hands up if that deck is never, ever, ever used because it’s too hard to maintain. Don’t worry, you’re not alone; there are a lot of virtual hands still in the air. The obvious solution to these maintenance troubles is to find a low-maintenance decking material that: Still looks like…

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4 Ways to Use Your Deck in the Winter

Posted on Sep 03, 2020
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Your deck may be your favorite spot to spend time during the warmer parts of the year, but what happens in the winter? Bitter-cold temperatures and accumulated snow can render your deck virtually useless in the winter, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are just a handful of ways you can still use your deck throughout the…

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