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Is a Bathtub or Shower Better for Resale?

Posted on Feb 02, 2021
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Bathtub or shower? It’s a question that plagues the thoughts of many homeowners as they try to sort out which product to eliminate or add to their bathrooms. If you are currently struggling with this internal debate, know that you’re not alone. Unfortunately, the answer is not neatly packaged and depends on a number of variables, as both styles have…

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Are Baths or Showers More Water-Efficient?

Posted on Nov 03, 2020
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For as long as they’ve existed, bathtubs and showers have been compared: Which is better for a growing family? Which one is safer? Which one is cheaper? Today, we’re answering this question: Which one is more water-efficient? As you try to become more aware of your environmental impact—and your water bill—you may be looking to switch up your bathing routine…

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Where to Save on a Bathroom Remodel

Posted on Sep 02, 2020
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Home renovations: As a homeowner, you’re probably extremely familiar with the excitement that comes from investing in these upgrades, as well as the fear of high costs. If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom on a budget, know that there are ways you can save on the project without sacrificing the end result. In this article, we’ll highlight some of…

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What You Need to Consider Before Replacing a Bathtub

Posted on Jul 02, 2020
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Living out your best evenings in a bubble-filled bathtub is a dream that virtually every hardcore bath taker has had. If the time has finally come to make this dream a reality, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before taking the plunge and investing in a new bathtub. And the pros at Tundraland are here to provide…

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Will Remodeling Your Bathroom Increase Your Home’s Value?

Posted on Jun 01, 2020
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Quick: What’s the most frequented room in your home? The bathroom! As high-traffic spaces that serve a multitude of purposes, the bathrooms in your home should be designed to improve your routines, not impede them. If you’re a homeowner who’s planning to invest in upgrades that increase home value, this is especially important to note. Due to their everyday role…

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