Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer Maintenance ChecklistIt’s summertime Wisconsinites! As things start heating up, what fun activities are on your family’s agenda? While outdoor shindigs are sure to dominate your to-do list, you should also set aside a weekend to prep your property according to this home maintenance checklist. This activity may not sound as thrilling as the other plans you have lined up, but these summer maintenance tips will ensure that your home is in tip-top condition and ready to endure the dog days of everyone’s favorite season.

Chores to Do Inside Your Home

On particularly hot or rainy days, take your maintenance list indoors. These tasks don’t require a lot of time and energy; plus, they won’t make you break a sweat (literally). If you followed our spring maintenance checklist, your home should already be nice and tidy—making it easier for you to tackle these summer chores:

✔ Rotate & Dust Ceiling Fans

Many homeowners reverse the direction of their ceiling fans depending on the season. For the summer, you’ll want your fans spinning counter-clockwise to push air down and keep things cool. Turn your fan on, check the direction it spins; turn it off to flip the switch, if need be. While you’re up there, take the opportunity to wipe down the blades for dust and allergens.

✔ Service Air Conditioners

It’s time to lug your air conditioners up from the basement/garage and install them. Before you plug them in, make sure to remove the filters and clean the entire unit. If you have central air-conditioning, consider hiring a professional to service your system before things really heat up.

✔ Check Smoke Detectors

Summer is a dry season, increasing the risk of fires. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, you should check your smoke detectors at least once a month and replace the batteries once or twice a year. If it’s been a while or you can’t remember the last time you swapped the batteries, now is a good time to check.

✔Do a Full Sweep of the Bathroom

Outdoor projects probably have you showering and washing your hands more frequently. With this extra use, your faucets and showerheads should be cleaned to prevent mineral deposits, and your tub’s drain should be checked for clogs.

Projects for Your Outdoor Space

On picture-perfect summer days, you can multi-task—performing these outdoor errands while working on your tan (score)!

✔ Clean Your Grill

Warmer weather means summer barbecues, but did you remember to thoroughly clean your grill before storing it away last year? If you didn’t, your secret is safe with us. However, you’ll want to deep-clean your grill before firing it up.

✔ Landscape

This is probably already on your to-do list, but landscaping is especially important for keeping your home in working order and also protecting it from pests. Be sure to trim back branches and shrubs, so they don’t touch your gutters. Keep up with mowing and weeding to ensure your home’s curb appeal is always at its best.

By following this summer maintenance checklist, you’re sure to start your summer off on the right foot—giving you peace of mind knowing that your home is in prime condition and ready for hot, sunny days. If you find yourself wanting to tackle a larger project, like bathroom remodel, turn to the experts at Tundraland; we’d love to help you out! Feel free to contact us today to learn more about our home improvement services.

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