Shower Remodeling Ideas for Instant Upgrades

It’s no secret that one of the quickest and most impactful ways to upgrade your bathroom is to renovate your bathing area. After all, your bathing fixture will serve as the visual centerpiece for the entire space and can influence the way you enjoy your bathing experience. But as transformational as the bathing space might be, perhaps you’re looking for some specific ideas to maximize the results of your remodeling plans and expedite the impact of the project. With that in mind, here are some impactful shower remodeling ideas for instant upgrades:

Choose a New Shower Head to Refresh Your Bathing Experience

A new shower head can truly change the way you enjoy your shower. One of the more popular choices these days is to install a rain shower head, as they distribute the same amount of water as a standard shower head but they do so over a larger area. You’ll feel as if you’re bathing in a fresh rainfall, which can elevate the feeling of luxury in your shower. There are other options, too, like installing two showerheads for multiple streams or a smart showerhead that controls water temperature.

Change the Entry Threshold of Your Shower for New Functionality

Another intriguing way to remodel your shower is to consider a new entryway. If you still have a shower curtain, maybe it’s time to consider a glass door to give your bathroom a new aesthetic flair. Maybe you’ve already upgraded to a shower door in the past and you’re looking to change the door style from swinging to sliding — or vice versa — or you want to go doorless. Whatever the case, this is the type of change that can improve your bathing experience.

Invest in Upgraded Shower Storage to Improve Organization

Who couldn’t benefit from more storage? Whether it’s corner shelving or innovative storage solutions, adding more organization to your shower can make your life easier. Because not only does it give you a designated place for everything, but it can declutter your shower—and your bathroom as a whole—while giving you more space to utilize. Some of the storage solutions you find may even add a new level of visual interest to your bathroom, making the benefits of your upgrade two-fold.

Consider Adding Shower Seating for Added Convenience

Whether you or a loved one has mobility limitations or you plan to age in place, taking convenience and accessibility to another level within your shower is a must. One excellent way to do that is to introduce shower seating into your bathing space. When you can’t stand for extended periods of time but still want to maintain your independence when bathing, this is an option that will help you do just that.

Purchase a Brand-New Shower to Completely Revitalize Your Bathroom

Of course, the biggest and best way to achieve instant results with your shower remodel is to completely invest in a new shower. A modernized fixture can have wide-ranging effects on the beauty of the entire space, plus it’s the type of upgrade that makes it so you don’t need to invest in a full-scale bathroom remodel to get big-time results. A new shower and some minor cosmetic upgrades will do the trick.

Turn to the Pros for Your Shower Remodeling Needs

For homeowners in Wisconsin and Minnesota, the best source for a first-class shower remodel is Tundraland. We proudly install stunning Jacuzzi showers with the utmost precision and care, plus these industry-leading fixtures come with a plethora of customization options to ensure that you get an upgrade that properly reflects your aesthetic tastes and functional needs.

If you’re ready for your dream shower remodel, contact Tundraland today to schedule your design consultation.

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