Reface or Replace: Which Is a Better Value for Your Cabinets?

Dark blue cabinets with simple gold hardwareCabinets play a major role in the composition of your kitchen. This means they greatly influence the overall aesthetic of the room. If you’ve been unhappy with the look of your cabinets, there are a few options for remodeling them including a complete replacement or a refacing project. While both methods offer their own benefits, cabinet refacing provides the better value. Here’s why:

Less Materials

With a cabinet refacing project, only the exterior of the cabinets is remodeled while the rest remains in place. Since your original cabinets are being repurposed, there are significantly less materials needed than there would be for a total replacement. Fewer materials means lower overall cost!

Faster Turnarounds

A majority of people will hire professionals to perform their cabinet makeovers. The amount of workers and days needed to totally remove old cabinets and install new ones is significantly higher than what is required for a refacing project. Therefore, you’re sure to be charged a smaller amount for only a few days of work and a couple of craftsmen. 

Smaller Margin of Error

Completely ripping out your cabinets and starting from scratch has the small but possible chance of something going wrong. Countertops and appliances might get damaged, paint or sheetrock can get ripped off the wall, or there could be a delay in necessary materials. Leaving a majority of your cabinets intact greatly reduces these risks and any potentially extra costs. 

Now that you’re convinced a cabinet refacing project is the best move and you’re ready to get started, the next step is to hire the right company. Tundraland expertly performs quality kitchen cabinet refacing projects for Wisconsin homeowners. Reach out today to discuss our services and explain your cabinetry vision.

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