Pros & Cons of Cabinet Refinishing

Pros & Cons of Cabinet Refinishing

If you’ve ever been planning to have guests over for a visit only to shudder at the idea of what they might think of your kitchen’s aesthetic, it’s time to make a change. One of the quickest ways to update the appearance of your kitchen is to focus on your cabinetry. Something as simple as a cabinet refinishing project can change the way you feel about your kitchen, but is refinishing the way to go? Let us help you weigh the pros and cons:

Pro: Refinishing is Cost-Effective

Because refinishing only involves changing the finish or color of your existing cabinets and doesn’t include replacing their doors, drawers, or hardware, this is the most affordable cabinetry project you can invest in.

Con: Refinishing Provides You With Limited Options

When you invest in a refinishing project, it may be difficult to switch to a lighter finish. Doing so may require bleaching your cabinets, and at that point, it’s typically more worth it to invest in a refacing or replacement project.

Pro: Your Refinishing Project Won’t Require Much Time

When you trust professionals with your refinishing project, you won’t have to worry about your kitchen being inaccessible for an extended period of time.

Con: Your Cabinets Must Be in Tip-Top Shape for a Refinishing Project to Make a Difference

Cabinets that are warped or crafted from a lower-quality material are more difficult to refinish. Plus, this type of project won’t change their condition—only their color or finish.

For an Alternative, Invest in a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Project

If your cabinets aren’t in good enough shape for a refinishing project, or if you’d prefer to retain a traditional wood look and have a variety of design options to choose from, a cabinet refacing project is a better route for you. As a Wisconsin resident, you don’t have to look far for expert refacing work—you can simply turn to Tundraland. Contact us today to learn more about how one of these projects will impact your kitchen.

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