One Day Bathroom Remodel Guide for Minnesota Homeowners

A spacious, modern bathroom with a bathtub/shower in the center

Bathroom remodels are certainly exciting, offering the opportunity to transform a space that is used every day into something new and refreshing. However, these projects can also be daunting for several reasons, one of the biggest being the amount of time they can take. For many homeowners, having a bathroom out of commission while it is being renovated can greatly disrupt their routines, or leave them without a way to bathe altogether. The good news is that some companies do offer one-day bathroom remodels—and for many Minnesota homeowners, that company is Tundraland! We know that many residents seek out efficient bathroom upgrades for many reasons, so we make it a mission to complete our services in as little as one day.

Our One-Day Wet Area Remodels

One of the main ways that we’re able to complete such efficient remodeling services is that we focus on the wet area, also known as the bathtub or shower. Instead of full-blown renovations which can involve tearing out flooring, reworking plumbing, and ordering a range of new fixtures, we simply swap out your dated bathing system with a new, glowing one. This doesn’t mean that we offer a one-size-fits-all solution, though; we perform bath remodels, shower remodels, and tub-to-shower conversions, so there’s an option for any homeowner’s goals.

Bath Remodels

We’ll remove your old, worn-out bathtub and replace it with a system of your choice. We offer traditional and soaker tubs, all of which are exceptionally comfortable and of the utmost quality.

Shower Remodels

Our walk-in showers are great for homeowners looking for a safer, more convenient, and more modern type of system. You can choose from a selection of wall panels in gorgeous colors and textures, as well as optional accessories like built-in shelves, grab bars, and bench seats.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

That’s right—we can convert your bathtub into a shower in as little as one day! While the result will seem like a comprehensive transformation, it’s something our team is more than capable of completing in an efficient manner.

Our Extensive Experience

Not all one-day bathroom remodeling companies are the same. Some contractors may advertise their services as ‘one day’ to obtain business but then rush the process and perform sloppy workmanship in order to get the job done in time. This isn’t the case with Tundraland. Our technicians are capable of working so efficiently simply because that’s how skilled they truly are; all of our team members are highly experienced and expertly trained.

Our In-Depth Consultations

Another component that allows us to perform one-day bathroom remodels is that we start each project with an in-depth consultation. We sit down with you to listen carefully to your bath or shower goals and thoroughly explain our selection of products. This way, nothing is left unexplained and no questions are left unanswered when the time comes for us to complete the installation.

We’re an Authorized Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Dealer

We also stand out as a reputable company thanks to our status as an authorized Jacuzzi Bath Remodel dealer. This distinction means we have exclusive access to authentic Jacuzzi products and possess in-depth knowledge of their design and installation. This expertise allows us to work efficiently, ensuring each wet area remodel is completed with precision and quality.

How Is It Possible to Complete a Bathroom Remodel in Just One Day?

Through careful planning and strategic execution, we can transform your bathroom into a stunning and functional space in a single day. Additionally, our team members are highly skilled professionals who specialize in their respective roles, ensuring that each task is executed seamlessly. From prepping the space to installing fixtures and finishing touches, every step is carefully coordinated to expedite the renovation process without compromising on quality. 

Are One-Day Bathroom Remodels Suitable for All Types of Bathrooms?

At Tundraland, our one-day bathroom upgrades are designed to accommodate a wide range of bathroom sizes and layouts. With our expertise in installing Jacuzzi bathing systems, we can seamlessly integrate these products into the dimensions of most standard baths or showers. Whether your bathroom is compact or spacious, our team can tailor the remodel to suit your specific space requirements while delivering the luxury and comfort that Jacuzzi products are known for.

Turn to Tundraland Today

You’ve waited long enough to update your bathroom. Receive the bathtub or shower you deserve by contacting Tundraland today. Our dedicated team is proud to perform bathroom remodeling services in as little as one day for Minnesota homeowners like you.

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