Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Tips

Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance TipsThere’s no getting around it: Much of your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal is determined by its cabinetry. That’s why cabinetry upgrades make such a drastic difference, and it’s also why proper maintenance is so crucial. But how should you go about ensuring that your cabinets retain their stunning, like-new beauty for years and years to come? Consider some of the following kitchen cabinet maintenance tips:

Don’t Go Overboard With the Cabinet Cleaning Process

Cleaning your cabinetry is a must, but before you jump right into your utility closet to grab all of the cleaners you own, know that you’re way better off using a soft cloth with warm water. A cleaning solution of hot water and mild dishwashing soap will also work, but it’s important that you don’t use any harsh cleaning products and tools to do the job. The last thing you want to do is scratch up your cabinets and potentially cause them to chip or peel, considering that’s the exact opposite of the goal you’re trying to achieve by cleaning them in the first place.

Deal With Spills & Spots ASAP

If you’re cooking or cleaning in the kitchen and anything splatters or spills on your cabinets, it’s best to handle the wipe-down as soon as you can. Allowing anything to harden on the cabinetry can lead to issues when cleaning down the road, plus moisture and excessive amounts of water can cause damage as well.

Make Sure You Don’t Neglect the Hard-to-Reach Areas

When you’re cleaning, it may be easy to ignore the areas of your cabinetry that are harder to reach. Not only that, but it’s also possible that you won’t even notice that the water and/or cleaning solution that you’re using is dripping into crevices, which can cause problems for your cabinets.

Remember to Periodically Treat Your Cabinets to a Deep Clean

A simple wipe-down of your cabinetry from time to time will typically allow them to stay in pristine condition, but it’s also smart to give them a deep clean at least a couple of times per year. That means removing everything within them and cleaning the shelves inside as well. When you do that, you’ll be able to hold on to that beauty for much longer.

Time to Upgrade Your Cabinetry?

If your kitchen cabinets could use some upgrading, Tundraland is the company to call for help. Contact us today to learn about the cabinet refacing process we offer at homes throughout Greater Wisconsin.

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