Is the Kitchen Triangle the Best Design for Your Kitchen?

Is the Kitchen Triangle the Best Design for Your Kitchen?If you’re looking to renovate your home’s kitchen, you may wonder if you should hold true to the kitchen triangle design or if you should go another route that looks more modern. Of course, the kitchen triangle has been around for decades and is the standard when it comes to kitchens built for efficiency. This design calls for your sink, stove, and refrigerator—the main work areas of your kitchen—to form a triangle. This allows for easy movement around your kitchen as you prepare meals and clean the space.

As efficient as this layout is, do homeowners still favor it in this day and age? Is the kitchen triangle truly the best design for your kitchen? The answer is that yes, the kitchen triangle is still a great principle to build your kitchen around. However, you don’t have to stick strictly to it. Rather, you can use it as the base of your kitchen’s design while organizing the layout in whatever way best suits your specific needs and aesthetic tastes.

However You Design Your Kitchen, Make Sure Your Cabinets Suit the Space

Whether you decide the kitchen triangle is still the best layout for you or you decide to go with a modernized design that strays away from traditions, your cabinetry is going to be extremely important. Of course, efficiency within the kitchen has a lot to do with your ability to find storage space for your dishes, glasses, and cooking utensils. Not to mention, the appearance of your cabinets can make or break the visual appeal of the space as a whole.

The good news is that Tundraland is here to help on that front. If you need to refresh the beauty of your cabinets, there’s no one better to call. Our tried-and-true cabinet refacing process will have your kitchen looking better than ever—regardless of its layout. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer for your cabinetry project.

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