Is Composite Decking Waterproof?

Reddish/brown decking boards with water pooling on them

It’s no secret that Mother Nature can take a toll on the exterior parts of your home. If you have a wooden deck, it’s probably fallen victim to the effects of the outdoors—especially water. Moisture can wreak havoc on wood, causing it to warp, rot, and deteriorate over time. Instead of building another deck made of wood that might experience the same damage, you should consider choosing composite. 

How Composite Resists Moisture

Without getting too scientific, wood absorbs moisture because it’s natural and in its tree form, it needs to transport water from the trunk to the leaves. Composite, on the other hand, is man-made—it may contain some real-wood fibers, but it also has other engineered materials, making it moisture-resistant. So, whether it’s raining, snowing, or just a particularly humid day, you won’t have to worry about your composite deck swelling, molding, or rotting. 

While moisture resistance is a major selling point of composite decking, it’s not the only impressive feature. If you allow the experienced professionals at Tundraland to install a composite deck onto your home, you can expect it to:

  • Never fade, staying the same vibrant color year after year
  • Resist any stains, even from spills like ketchup and coffee
  • Be protected by an impressive warranty

Receive a Deck in About a Day or Two

You won’t have to wait long to enjoy all of the benefits of a composite deck from Tundraland, as we work efficiently to install these durable structures. Our skilled installers can complete installations in about a day or two! Contact Tundraland today to take the first step towards a beautiful new deck.

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