How to Keep Your Composite Deck Cool in the Summer

Close up of grey deck with white railing and a set of patio chairsLike many Wisconsinites, you probably try to spend as much time as possible outside during the summer season; your deck probably sees a lot more traffic during this time. When it’s exposed to direct sunlight all day long, however, your deck may get hot—hurting your bare feet as you walk across it or making you feel warmer while sitting on it. How can you keep your composite deck cool so that you can enjoy your summer time bliss? Try a few of these easy solutions:

Keep the Garden House Handy

You most likely have a garden hose attached to your home for watering the grass, washing the car, and various other outdoor activities. During the day, you can keep your garden hose on your deck and spray down the boards when they get a little too hot. 

Choose a Lighter Color

If you’re replacing an old, wooden deck with a composite upgrade, consider choosing a lighter color for the boards. Light colors reflect heat from the sun, so your deck may not get as hot with lighter colored materials.

Create Some Shade

The best way to keep your deck cool is by creating some shade. If you don’t want to sacrifice all of your sun, you can buy an umbrella or retractable awning. If you’re okay with adding more shade, consider a permanent fixture like a patio cover or pergola. 

If you’re due for a new composite deck, Tundraland is the company to partner with. Our composite decking systems are designed to retain their beauty and structural integrity for many years to come. Plus, we have various colors available, so you can pick one on the lighter side for a cooler deck. Contact our team today to design the right deck for your home.

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