How to Keep Bugs Out of Windows & Doors

How to Keep Bugs Out of Windows and DoorsGnats, mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other flying insects that enjoy buzzing in your ears always appear at the most inconvenient times: when you’re reading a book, cooking a meal, or even sleeping. While bug-proofing your entire home isn’t always a feasible option, there are achievable ways you can keep pesky flying insects and gravity-bound bugs at bay. Here are some tips and tricks for preventing flying insects, ants, and spiders from entering your home via its windows and doors:

Insect Repellent

This handy-dandy solution can be sprayed around the exterior of your window and door frames as a temporary insect deterrent. While this can be effective on particularly buggy days, over time, this spray will eventually wash away or weaken – requiring frequent application. The chemicals used in some insect repellants can also be irritating for people with sensitive allergies or preexisting respiratory conditions. Therefore, when you spray your frames, it’s advised that you wear a mask.

Ant Traps

Moisture draws insects indoors, especially ants. Seeming to appear out of thin air, ants can enter your home through the smallest nooks and cracks around your windows and doors. To keep these critters at bay, consider investing in ant traps. Simply lay your traps around the popular ant zones and wait a few days. These devices are designed to trap the bugs and keep them away.

Citronella Oil

This natural alternative to most insect repellents is available in many forms: candles, oils, sprays. An essential oil that stems from the leaves of lemongrass, barbed wire grass, Cochin or Malabar grass, Citronella oil gives off a fume that repels insects. Rub this oil on the outside of your home’s window and door frames to create a barrier that wards off pests. Again, take proper precautions if you are sensitive to strong smells or perfumes, and wear gloves if applying the oil by hand.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Leaves, mulch, and other debris can litter your yard, creating the ideal haven for all sorts of insects. If you notice an increase in organic debris around your windows and doors, plan a day to clean your landscape. This includes pruning any shrubs or trimming trees that may come in contact with your home.

Seal Doors

Visible cracks around door frames that lead to the outdoors, are fair game for insects. For year-round protection from these sneaky intruders, door sweeps and seals are an ideal option. Typically found at your local home improvement store, sweeps and seals can be easily installed onto your existing doors. If you are considering investing in a new entry door, opt for a system with a tight-fitting threshold to improve its resistance to bug infiltration.

Invest in Window Screens

If you live in a particularly bug-infested area of Wisconsin, consider installing window screens. These products keep bugs, big or small, out of your home without needing strong chemicals or scented oils. However, to effectively block teeny-tiny insects, you need to look for an insect screen that features a microscopic netting – Renewal by Anderson’s TruScene® Insect Screens being a prime example.

TruScene® Insect Screens

These innovative insect screens are unlike traditional models, as they feature a micro-fine, stainless steel mesh that is approximately one-third the diameter of conventical screen wire. This design provides you with a screen that is:

  • More clear than typical screens
  • Resistant to impacts, tearing, water, and dirt
  • Able to block virtually any type of bug from entering through your windows when open

Turn to Tundraland

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