How to Get More Shower Storage

How to Get More Shower StorageThe good news: You’ve finally perfected your self-care routine. The bad news: You don’t have enough space for it in your shower. Even if you don’t use a lot of products in the shower but share this space with other members of your family, it can get crowded quickly. So, how can you get more shower storage? There are a few different options, including:

Store-Bought Systems

Roam up and down the bathroom aisles of your local home improvement store and you’re sure to find a variety of different shower storage systems. Some popular items include caddies that hang over the showerhead or suction cup to the wall, as well as tiered shelves that sit in the corner of the shower. Unfortunately, what most people find is that these options only work temporarily or harbor way too much bacteria to make them viable long-term solutions. 

DIY Hacks

Some cheaper DIY solutions can prove to be a bit more effective than the stuff found at the store. For example, many homeowners repurpose over-the-door shoe organizers by hanging them in place of  their shower curtains, using the cubbies to hold their various products. However, depending on the material of the organizer, mold and mildew can still be a concern. 

Built-In Shelves 

Ultimately, the best way to store your shower items is by incorporating your storage into the shower itself. We’re talking about shelves built right into the shower walls! At Tundraland, we install wall surrounds that can be customized with various types of built-in and corner shelves. Not only does this create a more pleasing aesthetic, but it ensures that your storage doesn’t wind up being a health hazard.

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