How to Conserve Energy During Wisconsin’s Summer Months

Converving Energy in Wisconsin During SummerGreen Bay may be called the Frozen Tundra and Wisconsin may be known for record breaking snowfalls (the state record is 26 inches in one day!), but our summers can be brutal in a different kind of way. Did you know that Fond Du Lac’s highest summer temp reached a blistering 111 degrees? Wisconsin summers can lead to soaring energy bills and Wisconsin homeowners are always looking for ways to cut back without suffering through the heat.

Keep your refrigerator away from direct sunlight

There’s probably a lot of cheese, brats and beer in your Wisconsin fridge throughout the summer, and you need to protect the goods! If your refrigerator is close to a window, you may want to consider moving it to another part of the kitchen. The hot sun will only require your fridge to work harder and use more energy, so keeping its location cool is key.

Check out some A/C Alternatives

Blasting the A/C feels nice during the Wisconsin summer, but uses a lot of energy. Try setting your thermostat above 76 degrees to see significant energy savings. If inching up towards 80 is too uncomfortable, switch on a couple fans for better air circulation. Additional A/C alternatives to consider include:

  • Portable (or window) Air Conditioners: Cool just the rooms you’re using, rather than the whole house.
  • Ductless Air Conditioners: These little guys are as quiet as they are energy efficient, and offer some cool features like timers and remote controls.
  • Fans: These are a reliable way to circulate air without turning on your A/C system, from ceiling fans (a little less energy efficient) to good old tabletop fans, there are plenty of options and price points to choose from.
  • House fans: Turning on your house fan when the outside temperatures are lower is a great way to get air flowing and draw in the cooler morning and evening air from outside.

Change your filters & service your equipment

An air conditioning unit in proper working condition is important in the summertime. The more efficient your cooling system is, the less energy it needs to use to get the job done. Make sure to change your filters frequently and perform routine maintenance on your air conditioner to keep things running smoothly.

Keep your appliances off

Your oven and stove use more energy than a microwave or outdoor grill and also heat up your home. With hot sunny days in the weather forecast, you can line-dry your laundry to save energy normally eaten up by the dryer (and keep that hot air out of your home). If ironing or blow drying your hair can wait (or be avoided altogether), the dishwasher or washing machine can be run at night, you’ll be doing yourself (and your energy bill) a favor.

Strategically landscape

Wisconsin landscapers are incredible, and understand better than anyone how your landscaping can impact and improve your home. As a homeowner in Wisconsin, you should consider planting trees on the west and east side of the home to prevent high temperatures due to direct sunlight. A tall trellis or lattice with vines can also help with shade.

There are plenty of ways to combat Wisconsin’s warm summer weather and conserve energy. Making simple changes to your everyday routine can make a lasting difference without sacrificing your comfort. If making an energy-efficient upgrade is in your future home improvement plan, talk to the experts at Tundraland about affordable remodeling options.

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