How to Clean Your Windows Like a Pro

Window Cleaning TipsWindow cleaning: a chore that most homeowners dread. While the thought of having to clean all of your home’s windows can seem daunting and even a little overwhelming. The home improvement and window replacement specialists at Tundraland are here to help. Below, we’ve provided a few steps to make cleaning your windows simple, efficient, and effective. By the end, you’ll have some concrete, actionable steps and a better understanding of how to clean your windows like a pro.
Step #1 – Purchase the tools that you’ll need to get the job done. This shopping list should include a squeegee, bucket, microfiber cloth, absorbent towel, dish soap, and window scrubber. Although many people consider using newspaper and Windex as a cheap, effective way to clean panes, it’s really not; while it may cost less initially, they won’t clean nearly as well as using the tools above.
Step #2 – Fill your bucket with warm water and just a small amount of dish soap. The less suds there are, the better.
Step #3 – Once you’ve removed the window, thoroughly wet your scrubber with soapy water and clean using an S pattern.
Step #4 – Once you’ve covered the entirety of the window with soap and water, you can begin to clean it off using the squeegee. Beginning at the top, wipe from the left side of the window to the right. After each stroke, clean the squeegee with your absorbent towel. This will ensure that you’re eliminating all water and soap, rather than just adding more.
Step #5 – After you’ve cleaned off the window pane, remember to clean off the frames and corners as well with the microfiber cloth.
Step #6 – You’re almost done! The last thing that you’ll need to do before you put the windows back in the track is to polish the sill dry.

If you’ve followed the above steps, your windows should be sparkling clean in no time.

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