How Much Do Shower Remodels Cost?

How Much Do Shower Remodels Cost?

Of all the daily tasks you complete, showering is one of the most important. While taking a shower obviously provides hygienic benefits, it also allows you to either prepare for the day ahead or unwind at the end of one. As such a dominant presence in your daily routine, it only makes sense that your shower be in top shape, both aesthetically and functionally. If your current shower space is lacking in either of these departments, you may be considering a shower remodel—and one of your first questions is probably, “how much do shower remodels cost?” Because there are so many different factors that influence the cost, it’s hard to narrow it down to an exact price. Ultimately, the final amount will depend on:

The State of Your Current Shower

In order to replace your shower, the old one will need to be removed. A run-of-the-mill shower that’s pretty standard in size and just a little worn will most likely call for an easy conversion. However, situations like a leaking pipe, seal failure, or unusual dimensions may warrant more work and/or custom fixtures, driving the price higher.

The Material & Fixtures

The components of your new shower will also greatly influence the cost. The materials you choose for the basin and walls will vary in price. Given their unique level of beauty, materials like porcelain, ceramic, and stone are bound to cost you more. If you opt for an acrylic shower, however, you’ll get the perfect cross between attractive and cost-effective. Jacuzzi® showers are built with an advanced type of acrylic, which is both affordable and easy to clean.

The type of shower you’re investing in will also influence the price you’re paying. After all, you may choose to go the shower/tub combination route, which will likely be less expensive. On the other hand, you may prefer the sleek beauty and outstanding convenience afforded to you by a walk-in shower, which may be more valuable to you even if you have to pay a little more up front. Plus, depending on the company and manufacturer you select, you could also be charged extra for wanting to include a variety of features like shelving, grab bars, built-in seating, and more.

The Company You Choose

Unless you’re a shower remodeling guru, you’re most likely going to hire a professional company to complete the project. Shop around and get price quotes from different companies—take into account their reputation, whether they use subcontractors, and the selection of products they offer.

For Wisconsin and Minnesota residents, Tundraland shines as the shower remodeling company of choice. Not only do we offer showers from industry-leading manufacturer Jacuzzi installed by highly  experienced crews, but we’ll work closely with you to find the right shower system that fits into your budget. Whether you prefer a standard shower/tub combo or a sleek new walk-in shower, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled by what we have to offer. Contact us today for a consultation and an accurate price quote.

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