How Much Do Bathroom Remodels Cost?

How Much Do Bathroom Remodels Cost?

When was the last time you updated one of the bathrooms in your home? If the answer is a decade or two—or worse, never—then you’re definitely due for an upgrade. Maybe you’ve been wanting to remodel your bathroom for some time now, but there never seems to be enough money in the budget. It can be daunting to look up bathroom remodeling projects online and in magazines, thinking you have to change every square inch of your bathroom for it to be considered “fully renovated.” However, you don’t have to break the bank just to make some necessary updates to your bathroom. There aren’t rules on how much you need to change and there isn’t one set cost for a bathroom remodel; how much you spend will depend on what changes you make to the space.

Start Small

If your hope is to spend as little money as possible while still making noticeable upgrades to the space, you could focus on cosmetic changes first. If your bathroom fixtures—such as the sink, toilet, and shower—are functioning properly and have no major issues, then you can spend your money on smaller aspects like paint color and accessories. You can completely change the tone of a bathroom by painting the walls, replacing the vanity hardware, and hanging a new shower curtain—all of which are fairly inexpensive changes.

Fixate Your Focus

Alternatively, changing one big part of your bathroom can be just as impactful as updating several smaller components. If the root of your unhappiness is the bathtub or shower, you can put all of your remodeling budget towards a beautiful and functional replacement. Perhaps you’re looking to simply replace your tub or shower with a sleeker and shinier version, or you want to have a completely new fixture installed to better suit your needs. In addition to improving the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom and being more useful to you, a new bathtub or shower could add value to your home by attracting potential buyers if you plan on selling.

Commission the Right Company

Should you choose the latter option, the price of your new bath or shower fixture will depend on the company you choose for the job and the products that they use. Countless Wisconsin homeowners have turned to the home improvement experts at Tundraland for the job. We offer top-quality, American-made products for our bathroom remodeling services that include:

Bath Replacements

Nobody likes soaking in a dented, cracked, or stained bathtub. At Tundraland, you’ll be able to select from an array of colors and styles for a new bathtub that will become the centerpiece of your bathroom.

Shower Replacements

Whether your current shower has nowhere for you to store your toiletries or is impossible to keep clean, Tundraland can help you resolve your problems with one of our stunning shower systems.

Tub-to-Shower Conversions

We can transform that clunky bathtub that nobody in your family uses to a functional shower everyone will be fighting over.


To determine exactly how much one of these bathroom remodeling projects would cost, Tundraland will come to your home for an in-depth consultation. We’ll examine the bathroom you’re planning to renovate and discuss what you’d like to achieve. Contact us today to get started.

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