How Long Does Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Last?

Kitchen with center island, white upper cabinets, and blue lower cabinetsOne of the biggest questions people have about kitchen cabinet refacing is how long it will last. This is understandable, as you want to know whether it’s worth the investment, especially versus other cabinet options like a full remodel. And while you probably want a concrete answer to this question, it’s hard to give one as the longevity of a cabinet refacing project will depend on multiple factors. These include:

The Materials Used

Cabinet refacing entails installing a new layer over your existing cabinet doors and drawer fronts. The material used for this facelift will determine exactly how long they’ll last. Options like thermofoil or laminate are cheap but won’t last long. Medium-density fiberboard is better, but the most long-lasting material is real wood. 

The Workmanship of the Company

The best materials won’t perform as they should if they’re poorly installed. Therefore, it’s important to choose a cabinet refacing company that knows what they’re doing. Knowledgeable and attentive technicians will perform a careful job so that you won’t have to worry about the veneer peeling or fading after a short time.

How You Treat Your Cabinets

How long your cabinet refacing lasts will largely depend on you. Constantly slamming or aggressively pulling on your cabinets certainly won’t help extend their lifespan. You don’t have to handle them like they’re made of glass, but just remember to show them some love.

While we can’t help with the third factor, Tundraland is here to deliver on the first two. We provide professional cabinet refacing services using durable, real-wood veneer that should last you for plenty of years to come. Make a change by contacting Tundraland today.

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