How Do You Maintain Composite Decking?

Beautiful composite deckingOne of the most popular decking choices among homeowners is composite decking. Composite decking requires very little upkeep and is quite stylish. Let’s discuss how to maintain your composite deck.

Maintaining Your Deck

Composite decking is low maintenance due to its resistance to decay, moisture, and mildew. Routine cleaning every few months with soapy water and a soft-bristled brush can successfully wash away the dirt and grime of your composite deck and make it shine like new again. Just be sure to clean along the length of your deck boards to prevent soap buildup. You can also apply a moisture barrier solution to increase your deck’s protection against mold growth.

Maintenance Techniques to Avoid

Do not use bleach or pressure wash your composite deck. These cleaning methods can cause more harm than good. Bleach can alter the color of your deck and “eat away” at the composite materials. Meanwhile, pressure washing can damage your composite deck. Since composite decking is softer than traditional wood decking, pressure washing can leave scratches and other marks on the surface of your deck.

Clearing Snow & Ice

When clearing snow and ice from your composite deck, be sure to utilize a plastic shovel rather than metal tools. Metal can scratch your deck, so plastic tools are a much safer option. To melt the ice, try using a salt-free ice melt. Similar to metal, salt can also scratch the surface of your deck.

Learn More

If you’re looking to have a low-maintenance composite deck installed on your home, consider contacting Tundraland. Tundraland offers professional deck installations of top-quality American-made composite decks. Our professional team will also answer any questions you may have about maintaining your composite deck.

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