Eight Easy DIY Holiday Window Decoration Ideas

The holidays are a magical time in Wisconsin, and homeowners in and around the Fox Valley are really making it special with elaborate displays and decorations. From the 25 foot talking Christmas tree in Kaukauna to the computer controlled animated Christmas light display in Appleton, our neighbors really know how to put on a holiday show! If you’re ready to get in the spirit, but want some less intensive decorating ideas, we’ve got you covered!

Your windows are a fantastic opportunity to showcase your holiday spirit, especially if you’ve recently invested in new Tundraland replacement windows! Window décor enhances your indoor space while also spreading some festive cheer to neighbors. Check out these money-saving DIY holiday decoration tips from the elves at Tundraland.

Stiffened Doilies Source: Martha Stewart

Stiffened Dollies Curtain

This incredibly easy DIY craft from Martha Stewart requires only a few materials: a foam brush/roller, textile dollies, undiluted fabric stiffener, thin thread and an iron. The delicate look pairs well with natural light and compliments a variety of home décor and designs.

Hanging Ornaments

If you have extra ornaments leftover from your Christmas tree, a window is the perfect area to use them up. Follow this example from Lovefox Vintage and thread each ornament with a thick strand of ribbon to make a statement. Alternatively, use a thin fishing wire to create a floating effect.

Holiday Card Garland Source: Country Living

Holiday Card Garland

Need somewhere to put the stack of holiday cards you’re receiving? A garland made with twine and tiny clothespins is a perfect piece in front of the kitchen or living room window. This example from Country Living picked forest-themed cards for an outdoorsy feel, an especially complimentary touch for your Wisconsin cabin or lake home.

Window Sill Candle Tin

A unique take on the classic window candle look, this DIY décor idea from Lushome combines fresh greenery with a weathered tin and white candles. Use seasonal greenery like balsam fir branches and pinecones from your backyard or neighborhood to complete the look. Don’t forget to minimize your safety risk by using fake electric candles or following the ESFI Candle Safety Tips.

Wreath Frenzy

Take the decorations outside and pair each window with a matching wreath, like this home pictured in Southern Living. There are plenty of DIY wreath options from Good Housekeeping, Woo Home and more. Hanging on the outside of the home, this decorating idea will look even better dusted with powder after a Wisconsin snowfall!

Festive Window Decals

Get creative with white window paint pens, frosted window film, vinyl cutouts or white paper and craft a work of art for any room’s window. has fun ideas like this frosted window film polar bear. These holiday decorations are especially popular with the little ones!

Indoor Snowstorm Source: Magically Made

Indoor Snowstorm

If you’re like most Wisconsinites and feel right at home in a snowstorm, this DIY décor item is a perfect match. All you’ll need is translucent fishing wire or thread and cotton balls of varying sizes. Follow this Magically Made example and hang in front of a large picture window.

Floating Gifts

As seen on Top Inspired, tiny newspaper-wrapped packages in red bows have a whimsical effect floating from fishing wire in your home’s windows. Customize the gifts with wrapping paper of your choice to make this craft one-of-a-kind.

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