Deck Railing Styles

Tan deck with sturdy black railing wrapped around itWhen installing a new deck or adding safety features to your current deck, you’ll need to consider your various options for deck railing. Deck railing is available in multiple materials, styles, and colors to complement your home. However, to select the best one for your needs, you’ll need to learn more about the styles, benefits, and maintenance requirements of each.

Choosing Your Deck Railing Style

There are multiple styles of deck railing available. Each style comes with its own set of benefits to consider depending on your needs. The most popular deck railing styles include:

  • Cable: This type of railing is designed with a wood or metal frame. It is known for its durability and open-view look.
  • Composite: This style of deck railing is customizable by design, color, and size. It is highly durable and can be built as one piece that locks into your composite deck or as separate pieces.
  • Glass: For a more modern style with a colored tint or custom etching, consider a glass railing. This style of railing is durable but will require more maintenance to keep a clean look.
  • Metal: This is by far one of the cost-effective and strongest styles of deck railing. It’s also customizable by design, color, and material.
  • Wood: While wood deck railing requires maintenance, it can be quite affordable and customizable by design and color.

Some of the above deck railing styles can be installed as a DIY project, however, having professionals handle the installation may be safer and more efficient.

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