Debunking Replacement Window Myths and Misconceptions

Debunking Replacement Window Myths and MisconceptionsAt a recent free consultation in Appleton (that’s right, we offer FREE consultations!), we were discussing the options available with Tundraland replacement windows and answered some great questions from the homeowner. We love answering questions and helping our customers decide on the best products and options for them, but it got us thinking. There are a lot of misconceptions, and we want to help all of our neighbors understand the truth and benefits that come with replacement windows! So the Tundraland team has come together to offer our expertise and insight to debunk common myths and misconceptions so you can be informed and comfortable with your decision before your next window project!

MYTH: I don’t need a professional to install my replacement windows.


It is incredibly important to have an experienced professional take care of the window replacement process. While there are plenty of DIY resources online, there is a lot of knowledge and expertise needed to ensure the project is done right. A poorly installed window can cause serious issues to your home’s structure, safety and comfort.

MYTH: You cant replace windows in winter.


While it’s certainly easier to replace windows in spring, summer or fall, Wisconsin winters are not out of the picture for window replacement projects. Experts know the techniques and precautions to take when installing in winter weather and low temperatures. Depending on your home’s setup, the weather and the extent of the project, the Tundraland installation team may recommend closing the door or sealing off the room where the project is located to keep heat from escaping from the rest of your home.

MYTH: Replacing windows is a bigger hassle than repairing existing windows.


Determining whether or not to replace or repair your windows can be a tough decision, but it’s important to understand that if replacing your windows is a better option for your home’s needs, it will be worth any extra time and money. The Tundraland team is knowledgeable and seasoned, and can help you determine the best option for you. If it’s decided that a replacement window is the best option for your home, we make the replacement process an easy and hassle-free experience.

MYTH: Replacement windows won’t fit the style of a historic home.


There are many techniques to preserving the style of your older home through your new replacement windows. Custom details can be recreated, forming an energy-efficient version of your existing windows. Check out some of the things to keep in mind when replacing old windows from Old House Web.

MYTH: Vinyl is the only replacement window option.


Vinyl tends to have a reputation as the typical replacement window type, but there a many other options to choose from. Tundraland offers a wide variety of materials, styles and sizes to choose from to fit your wants and needs.

MYTH: If I replacement one set of windows, I need to do my whole house.


Windows can be replaced one at a time or all at once – it all depends on your preferences and budget. There is no set rule that you need to go all-in to get the immediate benefits of increased energy-efficiency, style and comfort.

Do you have additional questions about replacement windows? Don’t hesitate to contact a Tundraland representative to learn more about the facts behind the replacement window process and products.

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