Bathroom Remodeling: Converting Your Bathtub to a Shower

There are plenty of reasons you may enjoy having a bathtub, from the luxurious relaxation it can provide you to the practicality it offers when it’s bath time for your kids or pets. However, if none of that applies to you and you no longer find that you have any use for your bathtub, there’s no reason to let it just sit there and collect dust. Instead, you can put that space to use in a better way. By converting your bathtub to a shower, you’ll not only transform the functionality of your bathroom—you’ll also see a revitalization of the space’s visual appeal. A sparkling new walk-in shower can provide you with an eye-catching visual centerpiece for the room that you can then design the rest of the space around.

But how does a tub-to-shower conversion project work? How long does the process take? What other upgrades might your bathroom need to complete the aesthetic overhaul? Tundraland has all of the answers you need.

Converting Your Bathtub to a Shower: What Does the Process Entail?

When you want to convert your bathtub to a shower, you’ll first have your chosen contractor visit your home to assess the bathtub area. From there, your bathtub will be removed and the area will be prepped for the installation of a new shower. Then, you’ll have your new shower installed right there in the footprint of space left by the removal of your bathtub. If it sounds like it’s a simple process, that’s because it is—as long as you partner with the right team for the job.

Working with an experienced contractor for your tub-to-shower conversion will yield you the best results. Not only will it mean a more efficient process and quicker turnaround time, but a high level of workmanship can ensure that you receive the aesthetic revival that you’re looking for in your bathroom. In fact, when you’re through with converting your bathtub to a shower, a few more cosmetic upgrades throughout the room can make it appear as if you’ve just completed a full-scale renovation.

Turn to a Team of Experts for Your Tub-to-Shower Conversion Project

If you’re ready to have a tub-to-shower conversion completed at your home in Wisconsin or Minnesota, the team at Tundraland is here to help. When you turn to us for one of these projects, you’ll be blown away by the quality of showers and customization choices we have to offer. We install the industry-leading Jacuzzi walk-in showers, which will be a major aesthetic and functional upgrade over your old bathtub. Not only that, but you’ll have plenty of design freedom to make it your own. These showers are available in over 80 different designs, plus you can have yours outfitted with a variety of different safety and accessibility features to boost the overall level of convenience in your bathroom.

If you’re sick of the old, bulky bathtub that’s simply taking up space in the bathroom of your Wisconsin or Minnesota home, reach out to Tundraland today. We’d love to provide you with the transformation that you’re looking for with your bathing space.

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