Composite vs PVC Decking

Composite vs PVC Decking

It’s almost summertime, and treasuring the warmer months is what Wisconsinites do best. If you’re someone who enjoys spending time outdoors when the weather is nice, the idea of installing a new deck at your home has probably crossed your mind more than once. As you begin to research decking options, material is sure to be one of the largest considerations. For most decking ventures, material can be narrowed down to three options: wood, PVC, and composite. Wood decks are the traditional material of choice, but they typically require frequent maintenance to avoid rot and future deterioration. But, what’s the difference between PVC and composite? 

Here’s a quick compare-and-contrast moment for PVC vs. composite decking materials

Benefits of PVC Decks

PVC decking, also known as vinyl or plastic decking, is engineered out of—you guessed it—plastic. Much like composite, PVC was specifically designed to minimize the need for traditional deck maintenance. While this material is much easier to maintain than wood, some designs can look cheap. Homeowners should also note that plastic decking can easily show scratches over time. So, if you’re someone who’s planning to spend oodles of time on your new deck, you may want to consider a more durable material that’s less likely to show signs of age. 

Benefits of Composite Decks

Composite is a high-quality material option—featuring a blend of artificial materials and real wood—and has quickly become the material of choice for outdoor entertainment areas thanks to its:

  • Durability
  • Moisture resistance
  • Customizability
  • Resistance to insect infestation
  • Scratch resistance
  • Low-maintenance quality

Unlike PVC decking, composite decks closely resemble the natural look of real wood decking. It’s this aesthetic and low-maintenance design that has made it a popular choice for homeowners in Wisconsin. 

Why is Composite Decking the Better Option?

Composite decking marries the best aspects of both PVC and wood, creating the perfect blend of durability and style for your outdoor living area. Composite decking has truly revolutionized outdoor construction in that it requires little to no maintenance and can be designed to mimic the look and texture of virtually any wood grain.

Tundraland Decking

If you are a Wisconsin homeowner and are interested in installing composite decking, Tundraland is your go-to source. Our composite decking is a cut above the rest as it’s:

  • American-made at a local Green Bay, WI, site
  • Customizable in a variety of styles, stains, and finishes
  • Resistant to mold, mildew, and decay

What’s more, our composite decks are backed by a Fade and Stain warranty for a deck that will look as beautiful as it did on installation day. Our installers can also install your new deck in just about a day!

Contact Tundraland today to learn more about our composite decking options and installations! For more decking tips, explore our blog here

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