Childproofing Your Bathroom: Keeping Your Family Safe

Childproofing Your Bathroom: Keeping Your Family SafeA bathroom can be littered with risks for young, unattended children. Sharp objects, standing water, dangerous chemicals and hard surfaces are just a few of the many elements that parents should address before introducing young ones to the space.

The Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin, headquartered in West Allis, WI, works to decrease and eliminate unintentional injury and death for Wisconsin children. They recommend focusing on preventative measures as the best way avoid hazardous bathroom situations.

Consider some of these helpful tips for childproofing your bathroom:

Install a door lock

Barring access to the bathroom is a simple, catch-all way to prevent children from being exposed to harmful accidents. Install a childproof lock out of the child’s reach, or attach childproof door knob covers.

Install a toilet lock

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children ages one to four years old and it takes only a few inches of water for a young child to drown.” Keeping the toilet seat down isn’t a solution in itself for most kids who are strong enough to lift the lid. Instead, a toilet lock is an inexpensive childproofing add-on that’s easy to operate for adults while keeping young ones safe.

Store small and sharp items out of reach

Certain personal care items like tweezers, nail clippers, nail files, razors and other sharp objects are often left out and unattended, posing a threat. Keep them organized and tucked away in a locked cabinet.

Unplug and store heat-producing items

Curling irons, straighteners and blow driers with cords can pose potential burn and choking hazards for curious children. Hair tools like these should be unplugged and stored out of reach when not in use.

Wrap bathtub spout with rubber guard

When bathing, a hard bathtub spout can be a potential hazard to active infants or children. Purchase a soft guard or extension to buffer any sudden head bumps. You can also invest in an anti-scalding device on most faucets and showerheads, to protect your whole family from hot water burns!

Dr. Gerardi from the American College of Emergency Physicians recommends that above all else, the best thing a parent can do it make sure a responsible person is supervising at all times.

Remove or restrict access to hazardous chemicals and medication

The bathroom is often where families store medications, cleaning supplies and other hazardous substances. In the US, more than 60,000 young children are treated in ERs every year for accidental drug overdoses. Medications, even those with childproof packaging sure never be left where young children can reach them. The same rules apply for cleaning supplies and any other hazardous chemicals.

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