Replacement Windows

Should I Repair or Replace My Windows?

Posted on May 31, 2019
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As a homeowner, you’ll need to make necessary upgrades to your residence throughout the years. While you know that you’ll need to replace your home’s windows eventually, how do you know when the time is right? For instance, you may wonder, “Should I repair or replace my windows?” While a full replacement sounds expensive, it might actually be a more…

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Replacement Windows: Cooler Rooms, Better Energy Efficiency, and Much More

Posted on Jul 20, 2018
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The windows you have installed in your home offer far more than just beautiful light and aesthetic appeal. Strong, durable windows are an incredibly important feature for any construction, and for those with inferior windows, a high-quality window replacement will improve your home’s energy-efficiency, indoor comfort, air quality, and so much more. At Tundraland, we’re one of the most trusted…

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Replacement Windows for Appleton

Posted on May 02, 2018
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It might feel a bit early to begin thinking about summer, but when it comes to important home improvement projects, it’s best to tackle them in the spring so your home is fully prepared for the hot Wisconsin summer. Looking to add style, energy efficiency, and value to your Appleton home? Replacement windows from Tundraland help you prepare your home…

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Replacement Windows 101

Posted on Sep 06, 2017
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  When it’s time to replace your windows, consider more than just price. Consider the manufacturer, material, style, energy efficiency, and more. It might seem overwhelming, but the information in this article is a great place to start! Grab a cup of coffee, move away from that drafty window, and get ready for a crash course in Wisconsin Windows 101!…

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When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Posted on Apr 07, 2017
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We know that no homeowner wants to deal with a window replacement, but sometimes it truly is the right course of action. However, other than in cases where the replacement job seems obvious—such as a broken window—how can you know that your windows need to be replaced? Luckily, you don’t need to be a trained window expert to figure out…

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