Can You Reface Laminate Kitchen Cabinets?

Can You Reface Laminate Kitchen Cabinets?You can absolutely reface your laminate kitchen cabinets! In fact, most cabinet materials can be refaced. The quality of your existing cabinets will determine whether or not the project is successful, as damaged cabinets can interfere with the installation process. Not sure if cabinet refacing is the right upgrade for your needs? Here’s some more information about the process:

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Sometimes called cabinet resurfacing, cabinet refacing involves replacing all visible surfaces of your cabinets—the doors, drawer fronts, and hardware. Most contractors will layer a combo of laminate and/or thin wood veneers on top of your existing cabinets to revive the overall look of your cabinetry without demolition.  So long as the existing quality of your cabinets is sound—meaning that there are no significant signs of damage that would interfere with the refacing process—any material can be refaced. In fact, cabinet refacing is often the only solution that homeowners can benefit from when seeking out an alternative to a custom cabinet installation, as some materials are difficult to refinish. 

Tundraland’s Efficient Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Service

If you’re a homeowner in Wisconsin, Tundraland can help you achieve your kitchen cabinet upgrades. We can complete most cabinet refacing projects in as little as three days! Our technicians will keep your home in tip-top condition all while they work on efficiently renovating your cabinetry. Contact us today to learn more about our kitchen cabinet refacing service. 

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