Can You Reface Cabinets Multiple Times?

Up-close shot of kitchen cabinet drawers with destressed finish and black hardwareAny time you make an update to your home, you have to think about its longevity and how much your tastes will change in the future. Take cabinet refacing, for example. Whether you’ve completed this project in the past or are preparing to undergo it for the first time, these thoughts can have you questioning whether you can reface your cabinets multiple times. Good news: The answer is yes! Here are a few reasons why you may consider another refacing project:

You’re Moving

Maybe the first time you completed a cabinet refacing project, you really embraced your personal tastes and opted for a unique look. Now, you’re getting ready to sell your home and think that more standard cabinets would be more appealing to buyers. 

You Don’t Follow Trends

Some people like to update their homes according to what’s trending and some people don’t. If you fall under the latter of the two, you may decide to reface your cabinets if you see upcoming trends reflecting what’s currently in your kitchen. 

Your First Refacing Project was Subpar

As much as we try to pick the right companies, every now and then we fall short. If you chose a cabinet refacing company the first time around that didn’t meet your expectations or just performed a mediocre job, you’re probably looking to correct it with a redo.

Whether you’re looking to complete your first, second, or seventh cabinet refacing project, Tundraland is here to help. We perform expert kitchen cabinet refacing services that will leave you with a long-lasting upgrade. Contact our team to learn more.

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