Can You Just Replace Cabinet Doors?

Close-up view of gorgeous kitchen cabinetsDo your kitchen cabinets look worn out? Rather than completely tearing them out and installing new cabinets, there is a much easier and more cost-effective solution. You can go down the path of kitchen cabinet refacing. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process that allows you to replace your current kitchen cabinet doors. This can be a DIY project, but the results may vary based on your design goals and experience. Another option is to have your cabinets refaced professionally by a home remodeling contractor.

Replacing Cabinet Doors

If you’re planning to replace your cabinet doors, you need to keep a few things in mind, such as cabinet materials, color, and veneer. You’ll have to begin by finding cabinet doors that match the material of your current cabinets. Another factor to remember is if you’re looking for cabinet doors that are different in color, you’ll need to find a matching veneer to install onto the edges of your current cabinets. This will ensure that when you open your newly installed cabinet doors, everything will match.

This can be a DIY project for any homeowner; however, matching materials and colors can be difficult for anyone. You may consider having your cabinet doors refaced by professionals to ensure the best result. Either way, you’ll need to do plenty of research beforehand to prepare for your project.

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