Can You Build a Deck in Winter?

Can You Build a Deck in Winter?If you’re considering the idea of having a new outdoor deck installed to spruce up your backyard, perhaps you’ve wondered when the right time for such a project might be. Can you build a deck in the winter, or will the conditions make that impossible? Well, you may be surprised to hear that yes, you can—and probably should—have your new decking system built in the wintertime. Why is that the case? Let the experts at Tundraland break it down for you:

Materials & Labor May Be Easier to Come By in the Winter

In the wintertime, contractors typically have fewer projects on their schedules, so it very likely will be easier for you to set up an appointment for your deck installation. Plus, materials and labor are more readily available—and often even more affordable—during this time of the year.

The Wintertime Can Actually Create Better Conditions for Deck Installation

In the springtime, there is more moisture on the ground, which can make for an uneven and unstable foundation to build your deck on. So, in a way, when there’s less moisture to worry about in the wintertime, conditions are better for the installation of a new decking system and you can be sure that it will be structurally sound.

Once the Weather Warms Up, You Won’t Have to Wait to Enjoy Your New Deck

Perhaps the most significant reason to have your deck built in the winter season is so that you can get right to enjoying it once the warm-weather seasons roll around. If you’ve already gotten the permits and taken care of the installation in the winter, you won’t have to waste that time in the spring or summer. In fact, you may even want to start planning your first outdoor gathering now!

Work With the Local Experts for Your Deck Installation Needs

If you’re interested in having a stunning and durable composite deck installed outside your Wisconsin home, Tundraland is the company to call. Contact us today to hear about all of the amazing options we have to offer.

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